How to enable CloudFlare for your Website

In order to enable CloudFlare for your domain, do following steps:

1. Login to cPanel.

2. Select the CloudFlare option in the Software section.

3. Click on create your CloudFlare account.

4. Enter Email ID and Password.

5. Enter website address which you want to configure in CloudFlare and click on Add Site button.

6. Choose the desired plan for your business website and click on Next.

7. CloudFlare will fetch all your current DNS records. Click on Next.

8. Choose the desired address for which you wish to route the traffic from CloudFlare. Click on Next.

9. Its time to change name server. Copy the appeared name servers and update it in your domain control panel.

10. Go Back to cPanel and login to CloudFlare account.

11. After login you can see the status of your domain in cPanel.

Your website is now using CloudFlare…

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