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The domain name associated with your old hosting account.

The server at your old web host has an IP address and hostname. Typically this was given to you when you signed up with your old host. If your domain name still points to your old web host, you can enter your domain name, since we can figure out what the IP address is from that. If you already changed your DNS and pointed the domain to us (or elsewhere), we would need the old host server's IP address or hostname to locate your old site, however.

To login to your old host's control panel, you have to go to a specific web address (URL). Please provide us the URL you use to access your control panel. (This is usually not the same as your old web host's home page, unless you can login directly from there.)

We may ask who your previous host company is to help us locate your old hosting account and transfer your site.

We will need to know the type of control panel used on your previous hosting account.

We will need to know if this account has an SSL instructions apart from free Let's encrypt SSL. If yes, please list the domain name. We also need few more information required, will ask in ticket reply.

Any additional information about what needs to be moved or how it needs to be moved which may be useful in migrating your hosting.

Most web hosting accounts have a web based control panel that you can login to. We would need the username you use to access this control panel. We need this information to be able to transfer your database and other items.

The password you use to login to your old host's control panel.